Things to do

Shetland offers a wide range of things to do. To list them all would be virtually impossible but a quick look at will give you a good starting point.

Peter, Mary’s partner in running the AirBnB has been active as a qualified Shetland tour guide for the last six years, guiding in English, German, Dutch and when pushed a bit in French. He will be able to answer almost any question on things you might be looking for or interested in.

Yell has endless possibilities for walking, short and long.

Just to list a few:

  • West Sandwick (beach and cliffs)
  • Burravoe (cliffs, the Horse or a nice coastal walk)
  • Arrisdale (deep valley, memorial WOII with Catalina flying boat wreck remains)
  • Coppister (just out of Ulsta, coastal walk, favoured by Otter spotters)
  • Burraness (from Gutcher to see Yell’s best preserved broch)
  • Gloup (Memorial and beautiful deep voe)
  • Brecon (beach, headland, also walk from Brecon to Gloup)
  • Lumbister (glacial gorge, RSPB nature reserve)
  • from Newhouse (leisurely walk round the Ness, stroll to Midgarth beach, along the coast, north or south)
  • and many more….

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