28th January 2019

Becca and Dave:

We had an incredible time staying with Mary and Peter over the Up Helly A week. Photos of their home and its location do not do it justice in the slightest; the views onto the Island and the twin beach with the local seals, are just stunning. 

The room is large and warm, with a really nice hot shower. You feel like you have your own space and privacy aswell as it is tucked away in a different corner of the house. The common areas are large and provide  the gorgeous views over to the Ness. 

Mary is a friend of mine and she is a lovely, welcoming host. She makes you feel at home whilst also understanding your need for your own space.
Peter is a very warm and friendly man, whose enthusiasm for Shetlands is hard to match. He took us on a tour around Yell, Unst and Mainland, which was really informative and a great way to see these incredible Islands and the communities on them.

Yell itself is really worth the effort; it is a pleasant car journey and a short ferry over from the Mainland, and their home is only 5 minutes from the ferry port. There is also a well stocked shop at the port. We were apprehensive about visiting in the depths of Winter, but we were blessed on the whole with calm, sunny days, and when not, we just wrapped up and got on with it, which I think is part of the appeal. 

Overall, I can’t wait to return to the peace and solitude of their home. It is definitely worth staying for more than a few nights in order to fully immerse yourself.

Becca and Dave

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