Arrisdale walk

6th of January 2021
Today we made the most of the good weather, this being rule #2 to winter survival on Yell. Rule #1: good thermals!!!
Arisdale walk highlights:
1 – Brucie Hendersons house
2 – a wondering winding stream follows the valley bottom
3 – bogg jumping (featuring in all Yell walks..!)
4 – Shetland kye (cows…)
5 – post marked trail, follow the posts (some are missing!)
6 – the Catalina crash site and the monument itself
Follow this website link with more information.

Baby Seal…

We have a resident seal. He (so we thought) sleeps on the same spot every day, flippers hooked to the seaweed, nose pointing up….
We missed Hendrik as we named him the last two months. SHE is back now, with her pup!
So it is Hendrika and the pup now is called Jelly-Baby…