Aggie and Eva

Aggie and Eva by Nico Schelvis

My girls in a portrait given to me by Peter, a original water colour by Nico Schelvis, he actually ended  doing it twice as the first painting was lost in the post (on its journey from the Netherlands). Thankyou Nico, you really captured the little rascals!

Vegan Scones

Finally found them, after a sample of these back in November’s taste Shetland event. Eventtastic hidden away in Gremista industrial estate  Lerwick. I’m looking forward to the vegan breakfast apparently coming soon.

Unst Ponies

Pony stop on a afternoon outing to Unst, don’t  be deceived by his cute looks, the little white one was definitely not sharing a sandwich crust.
We also found a lovely beach a very large golf ball and then a proper castle, will go again soon and post more pictures.

Across Yell Sound

This was Becca and Dave our friends from Cumbria on there way home, we were invited up to the bridge, my goodness it was like the star ship enterprise, what a view from up there, I guess it’d be a bit different when it’s a bit rough and windy.