Up Helly Aa 2020

My friends from  Cumbria came to visit and enjoy this one with, my goodness what a awesome fiery Viking festival, the sheer sight of 1000+ flaming torches, culminating in a burning of the long boat, a year in the making.
Brave enough to party Viking style?
I’m not!!!

Stennis beach…

Vikings and pebbles. My first visit to crime drama locations around Eshanness cliffs and lighthouse. Pebble people, you won’t find better than Stennes beach! Warming up with tomato and lentil soup in the St Magnus Bay hotel in Hillswick. No seals today at the Hillswick seal sanctury, we looked over the wall, looking forward to my next visit..

Seals on the Ness

From the livingroom window we observe our resident seal collony every day. Today they were still out on the sea-weed and just before the tide came in you can see they are still resting…. Just after this photo, we went out to collect some washed up salmon pipes and with one quick spash the all were back in the water…. and swam accross to find out what we were up to..